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IO's Logo

Common opinion among Star pilots says “can’t fly from one planet to another without running into something with an IO logo on it”. With good reason – IO produces the greatest supply of both civilian and military Aero and Starships save for possibly the Aegis corporation. IO also holds several government contracts with various planets as an exclusive provider of Jump Gate maintenance, having built several of them themselves.

Complementary to the production of starships, IO has strong holdings in freight, materials, and mining operations out among more distant systems unconnected to the Jump Gate network. Explorers be warned, IO is known to be quite territorial when it comes to ancient device cache sites. With an army of lawyers in most regional governments, reasonable cause for exploration and findings, and a not so modest fleet of military starships; IO usually gets its way.

Research Edit

IO also has considerable investment in the research, development, and production of high tech electronics, including their cyber technology subsidiary. Leading their cybernetics group is a visionary, well known in his field, Dr. Evan Kane. Having developed many of the recent neural interfaces for mental and social augmentation, Dr. Kane has gained a fair degree of popularity. Following closely at the heels of his professional reputation is a shadow of infamy. Some who have worked closely with Dr. Kane in the past consider his methods “unorthodox”, but none can question the results achieved.