Xiao-Ong company logo

About Edit

The foundation of the Xiao-Ong mega corporation is in consumer goods and many of its subsidiaries are household brands among dozens of planets. Xiao-Ong has presence in every major world (or any world worth investing in, according to their executive board) with manufacturing to support their consumer goods brands, along with a range of banking institutions.

Research Edit

Xiao-Ong also have a very diverse presence on fringe planets, systems, and standalone research facilities that support three of their more infamous divisions: ancient relic collection and research, biotechnology, and magical research and services.

Each of these divisions are known to have headquarters, but where the headquarters is located has remained a mystery for as long as anyone can remember. It’s believed that these headquarters are not located on any of the core planets of the known systems. All rumors have pointed to stations well beyond the known jump gate network.